Monday, June 13, 2011

Damn Earthquakes

Well, told myself I was going to spend my free hour yesterday before I picked the kids up from preschool getting some photos up here... Unfortunately Mother Nature dislikes it when I make plans.
At 1pm we had a 5.5mag quake, which was a fair bit of rocking and rolling. went straight for the kids. Got home to find glass everywhere (told myself it was time to tie the cupboards shut) the chairs thrown everywhere, half my notion boxes on the floor. Hubby got home a few minutes before me.
We had just finished tidying up and were about to flick the kettle on when at 2.20pm a 6.0Mag hit... well things were flying everywhere, and we were scrambling up the hallway trying to get to the kids in the lounge at the other end of the house... running when shaking is that strong results in tripping over, being thrown into things and each other.
Kids were fine although a bit scared. Ditto us. House was fine. Our 1000 litre rainwater tank came off it's stand, although thankfully it's still in one piece and still full, so we have clean drinking water. Power came back on just before 6pm, about 5 mins before I finished cooking dinner on the camp stove in the dark (Winter here!)
Heard from my family, they are all ok, My Nana is a bit shaken, her house has been flooded again by liquefaction.
Another night of rocking a rolling, but today is a new day and the people of Christchurch will continue to plod on.
Will post about some of my finds on our Wellington holiday another day.

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